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Ace Leak Detection, Inc.


Ace Leak Detection will perform a thorough test of your swimming pool, spa or fountain.

Ace Leak Detection Inc. implements the most comprehensive leak analysis that only 30 years of trade knowledge can bring. Ace utilizes the latest technology coupled with old school practices, wisdom, and common sense to correctly identify the source of water loss in swimming pools, spas, and fountains.

Ace leak Detection Inc. is a state licensed swimming pool contractor licensed to provide minor or major swimming pool repairs from epoxy patches to skimmer replacements and more. We do it all. It's one stop shopping with Ace Leak Detection Inc. Ace Leak Detection Inc. is licensed , bonded, and fully insured.

Lic # CPC1458547

Did you know?

Even minor swimming pool leaks can cause substantial damage and result in huge water bills and it is estimated that one swimming pool in every 20 has a leak. Just how serious can a leak become? A pinhole-sized leak in a swimming pool plumbing system with 40-pound pressure (psi) will lose approximately 970 gallons of water in a 24-hour period. This comes to about 30,000 gallons a month or 360,000 gallons per year. Experience teaches us that this is enough to refill and drain the average size residential swimming pool more than a dozen times.

Ace Leak Detection Services

  • Swimming Pool Leak Detection
  • Spa Leak Detection
  • Fountain Leak Detection
  • Spa Venturi Replacement
  • Rapid Response Team for Resorts located in the Caribbean
  • Insurance Estimates Service Agreements

Over 30,000 Satisfied Customers Since 1992

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The Original Electronic Leak Detection Company Serving Central Florida, South Florida and the Caribbean Since 1992.

Ace Leak Detection, Inc. will quickly identify swimming pool, spa and fountain leaks with pinpoint accuracy using the most sophisticated technology the industry has to offer.

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Are adding more than 1/2 inch of water to your swimming pool per week. Ace Leak Detection Inc. will save you MONEY in water and chemical consumption.